Saatananpalvoja (V-A Puumalainen 2003)

While the Star of Azazel is a society focused on bringing together different kinds of esoteric working, it approaches the unity of occult practices from the point of theistic Satanism.

But what exactly is “theistic Satanism”?

SATANISM is an ideology that puts its foremost attention and reverence to the archetype (or being) called Satan. The name itself comes from the Hebrew שטן Š[a]T[a]N, meaning Accuser. THEISTIC is the antithesis of atheistic and means an ideology where one has a belief that some kind of spiritual divinity, an inner meaning, works through material nature.

Both of these words are, therefore, much debatable themselves and can hold a multitude of different meanings. For example, atheistic Satanist groups have gone to great lengths to convince people that the only true kind of Satanism is always atheistic. Luckily, this idea has lost much of its allure since the first days of the internet, since it is easy to see the plurality of the different world views today. Many people indeed believe in God or Gods, plural, even though these are seldom even remotely Christian in the more esoteric circles.

To answer the complex question very briefly, we believe in Satan as a being, though not how one might think in the traditional sense. Any claimed god or lofty spiritual being who actually holds very human-like characteristics, who is able to hold a conversation, and so on, is not worthy of our adoration. Spiritual beings who actually resemble human beings, like the Christian God in his usual anthropomorphic form, or Satan in his form of a tempting demon, obviously are not high spiritual beings, but more like parodies – or symbolic depictions – of such.

Yet, there is intelligence, energy, and mystery behind these masks of claimed divinities. Behind the easy, profane answers of atheistic or man-shaped theistic divinities, there is an esoteric depth of being. Satan, in the forms – and finally, without any form – that have symbolic, psychological, parapsychological, as well as purely magical manifestations and deep meanings.

Shall we start our journey into these weird and fascinating marvels of metaphysical and occult nature? Or has it, indeed, started long ago?

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