Soll ich Dir Flammenbildung weichen (Carl Zimmermann 1835-1836)

Thousands of forms colliding into one

As a lens of happening from immeasurable distances

The mind held by these hands, consciousness that breaks in seeing itself

A conditional sentence created into the realities’ mathematics

A fracture through which the universe bleeds empty

A wound of rebirth

A birth canal of the soul

Through which flows

God’s amniotic fluid like laughter

I, a human being, get confused

Over and over

Daily, second by second

Into this fractality

That is a multiplication of consciousness

Ceaseless explosion giving rise to a universe –

In itself the most intoxicating achievement of the god of entropy

Development of this clover-leaf

Fluff of a sparrow, the faintest gust of wind:

Indisputable evidences of the impossible

“Er fasst das Buch und spricht das Zeichen des Geister geheimnisvoll aus

Es zuckt eine rötliche Flamme, der GEIST erscheint in der Flamme”

After every word a word

And thus happens the endless sentence of happening

A spell of summoning for the forces no one can control

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