Ad Perpetranda Miracula Rei Unius

”This Earth, Disciple, is the Hall of Sorrow, wherein are set along the Path of dire probations, traps to ensnare thy EGO by the delusion called “Great Heresy” [of separatism]…

Three Halls, O weary pilgrim, lead to the end of toils. Three Halls, O conqueror of Mâra, will bring thee through three states into the fourth and thence into the seven worlds, the worlds of Rest Eternal.”

– The Voice of Silence


The pentagram in whose center
the eye has been turned into a vertical position
and around which fire emblazes:

It is humanity, pertaining everything,
created greater than man,
magic power from which the meaning of existence opens.


White is the unity of all colours. It is a radiant stream onto which, and from which, rise all the different impressions. It is the moonbridge in calm water, the snow that once again returns onto earth as the sky-cleansed waters. White is seen in the clouds, of which every one forms a perfect form for a moment, but which do not belong to earth nor form. It is the fountain from which the rainbow bridge flashes forth. It is the enduring accomplishment of cleansed bones, which nothing can take away any more. For the purity of White is not the unwritten state of an empty tablet, but a space where every letter is dispelled by its counter-letter in order to create a magnificent splendour. White is the secret of Manifestation without conflict; it is the moment in which the thesis and antithesis cancel out each other, yet without ceasing to be. It is a star. It is a spell without imprisonment, bright consciousness without rhetorics. It is invisible, all-doing, Sun radiating everywhere. A White brother is Living Water, White Serpent, Dove, Lightbringer, Virgin Youth, Redeemed One, Resurrected One, Silently Smiling One, Sky-walker, the One Carried On by the River. 

The White aspect is now the centermost spike of the trident, the path of unselfish love and devotion. Like the element of pure water, it regenerates to life the renewing nature and makes the powers of the aspirant wake to life because of the beauty of the whole.

The motto of the White aspect, For to Perfect the Miracle of One Life, refers to its goal in the perfect union of self and otherness in a way where both of these are actualized to their full potential without blocking either of them.

* * *

[This text is an excerpt from The Book of Paths, a book that presents the system of the different aspectual paths for use in the Star of Azazel. Published in Finnish in 2010 and 2012, it is now in English translation for use in international lodges. The colour aspect system has three major divisions of Black, Red and White, the fourth aspect of Grey, and applications of these hermetic aspects in their corresponding formal aspects of Eye, Serpent, Stone, and Chalice. Part of the White Aspect chapter is chosen here since White is the aspectual emphasis of lodge Salome. Nevertheless, there are no dividing lines between the aspects in the Star of Azazel’s system, and no lodge member is required to follow the lodge aspect individually, leaving one’s personal aspect choice free.]

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