© fra Necros The work of an occultist permeates their life and essence. Seeking the correct path is a constant process, and upholding the practice of upward striving requires commitment. We are striving towards understanding and an increasingly perfect humanity. In the Star of Azazel, the work requires purification and unification; one must unite the leftContinue reading “CYCLIC DEATH”


© fra Necros Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: they shall be filled – Matthew 5:6 In this article, I attempt to present a mental exercise where we transform our suffering into sacred wrath and where the suffering experienced by the world presents us with the challenge of cultivating compassion and love.Continue reading “WRATHFUL ASCENSION THROUGH COMPASSION”


The more exoteric a religion is, the more personal of a God it believes in. The more esoteric a religion is, its God is less human-like and thus less petty. All ideas about God being “jealous,” “vengeful,” or even “loving” in any personal sense are sentimental nonsense at best. The theologico-poetical claim that “God isContinue reading THERE IS NO PERSONAL GOD


[Transcribed from the presentation given at the 15th annual meeting of the Star of Azazel. A recording of the original Finnish presentation can be listened to here, courtesy of lodge Lucifer.] The rainbow bridge and the emerald of the Devil are together a twofold symbol, or a cluster of symbols, which, in my presentation, isContinue reading “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE AND THE DEVIL’S EMERALD”

Be Ye Therefore Wise as Serpents, and Harmless as Doves

The Serpent, one of the most venerated symbols in the Left Hand Path and occult symbolism, is strongly condemned in Judeo-Christian religions as the symbol of evil. On the other hand, the Dove, adopted as the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, is usually an object of contempt and false meekness among the LeftContinue reading “Be Ye Therefore Wise as Serpents, and Harmless as Doves”


Occult literature is quite unlike any other literary genre. While it seeks to be precise, like science, and devoted, like theology, and uplifting, like fiction, and filled with nuances, like poetry, it yet transcends these other literary genres. A truly occult book only touches such forms, but is by itself something else. What, then, isContinue reading “HOW TO READ OCCULTISM”