“Other Templars questioned after Jean de la Cassagne had seen, variously, an idol like a bearded head which was the figure of Baphomet (…) a black and white idol.”– Malcolm Barber: The Trial of the Templars, II “Item, that they said that that head could save them.”– The Articles of Accusation against Templars (anno 1308)Continue reading “THE SEVERED HEAD OF THE MASTER”

Hymn to the Master of Death

The Hymn to the Master of Death is a hymn we use on Saturday, the day belonging to Saturn, the lord of Time and Death – the great transformation. It invokes the spirits of Saturn (Agiel, Zazel), its angel (Zaphkiel), and its divine names (Shaddai). The “Dark Lord” thus besought is a form of Satan. Therefore, itContinue reading “Hymn to the Master of Death”

On Elemental Prayers

In How to Build a Rosary of Azazel, I gave an example of the possible arrangement of the prayer beads’ blessings in our rosary practice. Perhaps the most peculiar among them was the third decade: “Different kingdoms of nature, including the elements. (Human kingdom, Animal kingdom, Plant kingdom, Mineral kingdom, the kingdom of Culture, the naturalContinue reading “On Elemental Prayers”

A Luciferian Hymn to the Son of Dawn

The following hymn was given first in Fosforos book VI, Legifer & Clavis Magica. In the brotherhood celestial hymns practice, it is used as the Friday prayer. In it, we approach together the two aspects of Lucifer: bright and black, the power of manifestation and of uncreation, the male and the female, the virgin – whichContinue reading “A Luciferian Hymn to the Son of Dawn”

How to Build a Rosary of Azazel

An Example The Rosary of Azazel is one of the most used instruments in the brotherhood’s practices. The use of a segmented rosary for the Star of Azazel prayers has been discussed, e.g. in my Unseen Fire #1 article. Here I will give an example of how such a prayer can be acted out. While the lodgeContinue reading “How to Build a Rosary of Azazel”