Lodge guide:

Lodge acolyte:


We try to answer all meaningful queries. In case you would like personal answers via e-mail, please make your questions such that they can be answered briefly and to the point. If your question needs a longer answer, please let us know if we may answer your question in the blog. We will naturally withhold your name and any traceable personal information in this case.

How to apply for membership into Lodge Salome:

Write a free-form application and send it as an e-mail to the lodge guide and/or acolyte. If you are already a member in another lodge in the Star of Azazel, and have given us permission to consult your lodge guide, you need not resend any up to date information. Please include as much meaningful information about your world view and ethics as possible in about two pages or so. More about things that can be included in a membership application can be found here. Legal adulthood is demanded from all applicants. Membership in the lodge is free of charge.

Your applying information will not be used in any other way, nor will it be given to any third party.

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