The Star of Azazel

Lodge Salome is part of the Star of Azazel, a brotherhood founded in Finland and acting internationally. Key concepts of the Star of Azazel are seeking dynamic oneness beyond seeming differences, and keeping into the spirit of individual striving, respect, honesty and empathy towards all beings. While this ethical aspect might sound very Right-Hand Path, the Star of Azazel is actually focused on studying Satan, in many of His forms, archetypical and philosophical as well as magical and religious; however, our members are encouraged to hold onto their individual thoughts and discuss them: only the ethical basis must be a common one.

* * *

The Star of Azazel consists of independent lodges, of which Salome is one. Applying and belonging to the lodges is free of charge, open to all the different cultures, religions, and points of view. The applicant must be considered steady enough to follow a practical occult idealism of the path of ascension, and one must accept the brotherhood’s tenets of the Triple Key. This means respecting the path of individual striving, empathy and honesty

One must also leave one’s political views out of the brotherhood: such ideals can very well be held, but they are to be left aside when the things of or in the Star of Azazel are discussed. One must be able to respect one’s fellow human beings, as well as other beings, regardless of differences on the levels of appearance. 

If you are interested in joining lodge Salome, you may send a free-form e-mail introducing yourself to the lodge keepers. Please try to be as informative as possible, and include all the information you envision your guides need. We do not share any traceable information with any third party or with any Star of Azazel members who are not part of the Salome lodge guiding. One can resign from the brotherhood at any time, and members who are found to be breaking the above-mentioned simple rules may also be asked to rethink their membership or dismissed.

A member of the lodge can freely choose a title of  frater (brother), soror (sister), or sodalis (a member of an esoteric group). Later, when one is familiar with the brotherhood code of aspects, one might also want to choose a colour aspect emphasis. Members are also encouraged to choose (and keep) a brotherhood name, most advisably composed from the creative use of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and/or Sanskrit languages. 

* * *

You can also send questions, which we will try to answer if possible. We hope that you ask such queries in a way that allows us to reply efficiently, or if the question is a larger one, we ask you to allow us to respond openly in the blog. A surprising number of questions sent by different individuals actually deal with the same problems or queries.

The Salome lodge guides and their contacts are:

Frater NEFASTOS (guide)


Soror POLYHYMNIA (acolyte)


Fra Nefastos also functions in the Finnish lodges of Lucifer and Graal, and is the original founder of the Star of Azazel. His best known work in English is Fosforos.

Sor Polyhymnia also functions in the international lodge Phanes.

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