[Transcribed from the presentation given at the 15th annual meeting of the Star of Azazel. A recording of the original Finnish presentation can be listened to here, courtesy of lodge Lucifer.] The rainbow bridge and the emerald of the Devil are together a twofold symbol, or a cluster of symbols, which, in my presentation, isContinue reading “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE AND THE DEVIL’S EMERALD”

Hymn to the Master of Death

The Hymn to the Master of Death is a hymn we use on Saturday, the day belonging to Saturn, the lord of Time and Death – the great transformation. It invokes the spirits of Saturn (Agiel, Zazel), its angel (Zaphkiel), and its divine names (Shaddai). The “Dark Lord” thus besought is a form of Satan. Therefore, itContinue reading “Hymn to the Master of Death”

On Elemental Prayers

In How to Build a Rosary of Azazel, I gave an example of the possible arrangement of the prayer beads’ blessings in our rosary practice. Perhaps the most peculiar among them was the third decade: “Different kingdoms of nature, including the elements. (Human kingdom, Animal kingdom, Plant kingdom, Mineral kingdom, the kingdom of Culture, the naturalContinue reading “On Elemental Prayers”