Hymn to the Master of Death

The Hymn to the Master of Death is a hymn we use on Saturday, the day belonging to Saturn, the lord of Time and Death – the great transformation. It invokes the spirits of Saturn (Agiel, Zazel), its angel (Zaphkiel), and its divine names (Shaddai). The “Dark Lord” thus besought is a form of Satan. Therefore, itContinue reading “Hymn to the Master of Death”

On Elemental Prayers

In How to Build a Rosary of Azazel, I gave an example of the possible arrangement of the prayer beads’ blessings in our rosary practice. Perhaps the most peculiar among them was the third decade: “Different kingdoms of nature, including the elements. (Human kingdom, Animal kingdom, Plant kingdom, Mineral kingdom, the kingdom of Culture, the naturalContinue reading “On Elemental Prayers”


Lodge Salome emphasizes the White aspect in Satanism, which is the aspect of Lucifer. This Satanism in its White emphasis has many different meanings, layers and intertwined ideas, as every deep spiritual view has. But Luciferian Satanism is most easily distinguished from other forms of Satanism in its approach that underlines beauty, grace, inspiration, openContinue reading “WHAT IS LUCIFERIANISM”